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SW: 161 lbs
CW: 160 lbs
UGW: 90 lbs


Lifeguard Test and Class


It was holykrazybajesus hard, but I did it. I have been taking the class since Friday, and guys. This stuff is intense. I swam 350 meters to begin with and like 30 dives, then we had rescues to do. It is a lot of swimming and I am burnt out over night. Each class is eight hours long, but it is some of the best workouts Ive had. 

Anonymous asked
hey :) Im a 17 year old boy and i am pretty skinny which is something that im not happy with so i decided to start working out, im doing two sets of 30 push ups every night and i have bought 2 weights for my arms that I lift every night. I would like to know if by September there will be a difference big enough for me AND for other people to notice (ok... i want to get the attention of girls at school... haha :b) Anyway, any help would be appreciated :)

Hey Anon. Well, push ups are a great workout. A traditional push up works out your arms, chest, and core. You have muscle memory, so if you are doing the same exercises, you may not get as tone as you may like. Try switching it up a little by doing different exercises. I would suggest weight training as well as cardio. When you are trying to gain muscle it is good to eat meat and carbs. Remember the rule of thumb is it takes four weeks for you to notice a difference, eight weeks for friends and family, and twelve for everyone else. Keep it up! I wish you the best of luck :)

Spin Class and Life Guard Test

Yesterday I had spin class. DUDE! That class is intense. Sweat was literally dripping off my body for an hour. I love that class. 

Today I have my life guard pretest to determine if I can qualify for the certification class. I am a little bit nervous. I have to do a speed swim (25 meter pool), pick up a 17 pound weight from the bottom of the 7ft mark and carry it to the edge, and tread water for 2 minutes. That doesn’t sound too hard, does it?

Still have some work to do on my thighs but still, no shame! I can see some progress

Still have some work to do on my thighs but still, no shame! I can see some progress


I usually do not post non-fitness related posts (by usually I mean never) but I am having a chill night watching some gaming streams :) NERD NIGHT OUT <3

Spin Class

I went to spin class yesterday, and I highly underestimated it. Halfway through the class my feet fell like I was putting 10 tons of pressure on them.  I couldn’t sleep last night because It hurt too bad. I am pretty sure my ass is bruised from the seat, which is making sitting fun right now. In all I had a hell of a good time! The instructor turned out all the lights and cranked the music up. It was a really hard workout, and I really enjoyed it.

Insanity (Day 1)


I started the 60 Insanity Fitness Challenge today and it kicked my ass! Today was the Fitness Test and I didn’t think it would be too bad. Guy, I did about 3/4th of  it and I didn’t know if I wanted to throw up or cry. Probably both. I regret eating that pork chop for dinner. I will never eat pork chops again. 

At least I did it. I asked each member of my family if they would do it with me. I have had the calender on the fridge for a week. My brother: “No, I am talking to my girlfriend on the phone” my dad: “No, I had a bad day.” My mom: “No, I don’t feel good.” I wonder if they realize there will always be an excuse why you shouldn’t do it. That is why there are not people walking around with 6-packs everywhere.

To everyone who started today I wish you good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!